About emSigner

emSigner is a secure cloud (SaaS) based automated workflow-cum-signing solution which can be accessed from anywhere and anytime and it allows you to define your own workflow and as part of that workflow sign legally binding documents online, without pen, paper or fax. In a way that is faster and more secure than executing paper documents.

It’s an electronic signature solution for online document signing, document management and workflow based online portal. Solution is devised to suit the needs of Individual’s, SME’s and Large enterprises for their day to day various kinds of document signing and workflow needs. This a paperless office solution which aims at replacing the herculean manual efforts, time and cost involved in paper based signing and workflow approval process to an automated, efficient, time and cost saving workflow based online document signing solution. emSigner can be used either as a standalone system which can be accessed through web browser over any network or only through intranet network or integrate with your companies ERP, CRM, Business Applications or Business Process to electronically sign & dispatch the documents without any manual intervention.

Salient Features

emSigner comes with the following awesome features

  • Workflow Creation

    Admin creates custom document signing & approval workflow templates which fits your business process and can be re-used later

  • Re-usable Templates

    For faster signing choose from ready-to-use templates of various functions like HR, Finance, Legal etc.

  • Document Co-Signing

    Setup approval processes with multiple signers per document and also same signer can be added multiple times

  • Document Store

    In-built secure document storage facility with proper categorization and document numbering for easy and quick retrieval

  • Assisted Template Creation

    We can create ready-to-use document workflow templates for you which fits your business process

  • Validate Document

    Validation of digital signatures (PDF/XML/PKCS#7) and timestamp applied on the documents

  • Time Stamping Services

    Time stamping of documents with a licensed Time Stamping Authority to eradicate backdating of signed document

  • White Labelling

    Customize signer page with your company’s logo to reinforce your brand throughout your customer's document signing events

  • Secure and Trustworthy

    The platform being universally accepted PKI technology. Ensures confidentiality, authentication & non-repudiation of signed data

  • API for Document Uploading

    This API/ (web service) helps user to automatically upload multiple files to document store without any manual intervention

  • Dashboard

    Dashboard with controlled access rights to document templates. Shows count of all pending, declined, recalled and deleted documents

  • Phone/Email Support

    Post-sales support would be provided via email or phone

  • Faster ROI

    Reduce operational costs on printing, scanning, faxing & shipping

  • Manage Workflows

    Admin defines order of signing, map or remove users or signers to your custom document signing & approval lifecycle workflows

  • eSignatures

    Customers can use eSignatures (Server side signing) along with Digital Signatures on eMsigner. Customers in India can also use eMudhra's eSign document to comply with local laws

  • Online Signing

    Send, track status and sign on the go. Anywhere. Anytime

  • Dual Mode of Signing

    Platform is enabled with both normal digital signature based signing and eSign (National ID based signing) capabilities

  • Audit History

    Comprehensive audit trails for demonstrating legal compliance

  • Add from Cloud

    Import your files from multiple cloud and file storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive and Box cloud storage into emSigner

  • eVault Services

    Now encrypt and decrypt all your sensitive documents online using unique eVault service

  • Alerts and Reminder

    Sends automatic alerts and reminder via Email or SMS for document pending for signatures if someone forgets to sign

  • Comments

    Workflow users can write and reply to comments between each other on specific documents. Comments are logged and saved for audit trails

  • Customization

    emSigner solution can be customized and offered to suit your business process requirements (for enterprise licences only)

  • API Integration

    Integrate powerful document signing capability into your company’s existing system and workflows

  • Cloud or On-premise

    Quickly deploy on-premises or on a public or private cloud

  • Access Management

    Admins create user groups, document workflow templates, map users to templates (of HR, Finance etc.) and provide access rights for templates

  • Company Stamp

    Customers can affix the company stamp as part of their signature profile where required to facilitate secure and locally acceptable document formats

  • Offline Signing

    Sign single/bulk documents without uploading. Leaves no traces on any server

  • Bulk Signing

    Send bulk documents instantly for signing in one single workflow in one go

  • Tracker

    Track real-time status of signature progress (like Signed/Pending/Completed/Declined etc.) happening on documents initiated for signing

  • User Management

    Create and manage emSigner users inside their organizational set-up. Activity logs for monitoring of all emSigner user accounts and actions

  • Form16 Signing (India only)

    Now merge partA & partB, digitally sign, password protect and email your Form 16s on the go with emSigner

  • Share Document

    Share document with anyone with/without attached supporting documents by configuring access rights for each user to hide/show attachments

  • Configurable Signature

    Configuration of signature appearance is made easy. Just drag and drop to place it wherever you like (on first/last/all pages) on document

  • Watermarking

    Adding a watermark to the documents adds an air of professionalism and can also prevent against other parties passing off your work as their own

  • Global Platform

    Platform is PKI neutral and works with X.509 certificate issued by any CA globally for digital signing

  • File Picker

    Windows service atuomatically pick & uploads all the files (ERP/CRM etc) from locally designated folders to emSigner’s document store without any manual intervention

Key Differentiators

Each emSigner account comes with the following unique features

  • Workflow Creation

    Admin creates and manage custom document signing & approval workflow templates which fits your business process and can be re-used later

  • Validation Services

    Facility to validate digital signatures (PDF/XML/PKCS#7) as well as the time stamp embedded on the document

  • Licensed Certifying Authority

    Document signed using digital signatures/eSign are legally valid under the Information Technology Act 2000

  • Online and Offline Signing

    The only service provider that provides both online as well as offline signing of PDF documents in one platform

  • Time Stamping Services

    Provides document embedded time stamping from an authorized Time Stamping Authority

  • eVault Services

    Provides eVault services where in sensitive documents can be encrypted and stored along with decryption facility

  • Document Store

    A complete cloud based document management system along with workflow engine to make it 100% paperless office

emSigner is from eMudhra, a Licensed Certifying Authority this enables the user to procure required Digital Signature Certificate with ease.
(Digital Signatures are valid in India only)